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Yellow Granex

Yellow, semi-flat, sweet, hybrid

Size Potential: Up to 5"

Storage Potential: Approximately 1 month

Days to Harvest: 100

This variety was developed right here in Carrizo Springs, Texas by basically crossing the 1015 and the Bermuda to make a deep, flat onion. You may not grow them as sweet as the famous Vidalia, Georgia onion, but they will be the sweetest variety in your garden! This variety was approved through vigorous testing to be allowed to be called a Vidalia onion. Each variety has to be submitted every two years and approved by their committee. Only approved Yellow Granex strains are permitted in the 17 county region in Georgia. This is also the variety grown in Maui, Hawaii and around Tyler, Texas, where it is called the "Noonday Onion." It stores fairly well for this type of onion at approximately 1-2 months. We planted the first crop of yellow granex back in the 1960s and were the first to ship any plants to Vidalia. Now we grow over 100 million of these just to be transplanted in Vidalia. They will probably never admit they had their start in Texas, but we know the truth! Yellow Granex produces large, semi-flat onions with rounded shoulders. Goes great in salads or salad dressings.