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Poultry Feed
What you will need to know about your chicks and ducklings

First off you will need a few things before you take the babies home. 

You will need:
 Alum. Reflector clamp lamp
 Red Heat Lamp (Won't hurt the little ones eyes)
 Clear Heat Lamp
 Plastic Water Base 
 Plastic Water Jug or a mason jar
 Small Round Alum. Feeder
 Long Plastic Feeder
5lb. Chick Starter (For chicks or ducks)
Clean and disinfect all facilities and equipment.

.Floor space requirements:
week 1-8 1.0 square foot per bird
        8-18 2-2.5
         18+ 3-3.5

.Litter - 2 to 3 inches of shavings, sawdust, etc.
Layers and broilers 90-95° F for 1st. week
Game Birds 95-98° F for 1st. week
Measure temperature at 2 inches above the floor. Place the heat lamp 18 - 20 inches above the floor level. Reduce temperature 5° per week until you reach 70° F One 250 watt heat lamp per 50 - 75 chicks

.Feeder spac * Feeder space requirements:
2.0-3.0 inches per bird (linear) or 20-25 birds per feeder pan

.Waterer space: 
week 1-8 I inch per bird (linear) or 75-100 birds per round metal drinker
week 8-18 2 inches per bird (linear) or 50-100 birds per round metal drinker 
  18+ weeks 2 inches per bird (linear) or 50-100 birds per round metal drinker

Be Ready Have your brooder, heat lamps, waterers and all facilities set up, warmed up and ready before your birds arrive. Remember, CLEAN & DRY is a must for chicks.

.Have good ventilation but prevent drafts.
.Allow chicks to drink before they eat keep fresh water available. Use a water soluble medication as an aid for stressed birds.
.Keep feeders clean and dry. Keep feed free choice at all times.
.If chicks "pile up" check the floor temperature.
.Remove sick or dying chicks.
.Consider de-beaking chicks at 7-10 days.
.Eliminate all possible access by rodents.
.Check your chicks often.

Proper care of your chicks or ducks is a must to keep
them healthy. You need to make sure to keep them very
warm. You can suspend a heat lamp 20" above the floor. If your chicks huddle under the light you will need to warm it up. If they huddle in the corners you'll need to cool them down.

They need to have a constant supply of fresh cool clean water. It should be changed every day. If you have ducks you may have to put marbles in the waterer to keep them from playing in the water and remember baby ducks can't go swimming until they get rid of their fuzzy down and get feathers. To cut down on the risk of disease it's a good idea to disinfect you waterer once a week.

If your ducks or chicks seem reluctant to eat or drink when you first get them home you can dip their beaks in their food and water to get them started. You also want tomake sure that your chicks or ducks are safe from predators such as dogs and cats. I hope that this information helps you in the raising of your ducky or chicks whether they are an Easter present or you are going to raise your own flock they will bring you much enjoyment if you properly care for them. Please remember baby chicks and ducks are very fragile so if you are buying them for an Easter present make sure the children are gentle because you don't want them to be sad when their little pet passes away. Also another tip: If you are buying hens to get eggs they will start laying eggs at about 18 to 22 weeks of age with peak laying at 28 weeks. .

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